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We Set the Highest Standards in Patients Care

Our motto is “Adding value to Life”, therefore we have made a ventilator which focuses on ‘patient safety’ as its foremost criteria. We have combined our research and learning of over 25 years and created this highly performing
Make in India
Ventilator. Our Team of experienced engineer, designers and software developers have worked tirelessly over 36 months. After putting in over 720 man hours we are proud to present LifeLine Biz’s “Briovent®” Ventilator. It is a State of the art, Turbine Driven, ventilator which is suitable for all your patients - Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal (2 ml)

Briovent® Special Features
  • Powerful & Compact
  • Versatile & Affordable
  • Easy & Exclusive
Best Briovent in india
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