BrioVent® - Ventilator

BrioVent® - Ventilator

  • You needed solution for affordable, versatile & safe ventilation for your patients, we are happy to bring to you “Briovent®” Ventilator…designed, developed and manufactured in INDIA.
  • Powerful but Compact
  • Versatile but affordable
  • Easy but Exclusive
  • State of the art, Turbine Driven, Briovent® ventilator for all your patients Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal (2 ml)
  • Team of experienced engineers with best of designers and SW developers together working over 36 months & over 720 man months has resulted a product “Briovent®” Ventilator.
  • Having passion to work for “Adding value to Life” we aimed to make a ventilator keeping patient safety as foremost criteria. We added to the wish list everything that we learned over last 25 years of our dedication on ventilation, we decided to make a good performing ventilator.


  • Invasive – Non Invasive – O2 Therapy (High Flow Nasal Oxygen Therapy)
  • Briovent® is very cost effective investment; asset is useful in all the patient types and all the different ventilation type as one.
  • State of the art next gen turbine helps deliver seamless flow throughout adult to neonatal patients.


  • Briovent® offers wide selection of ventilation modes across all patient types, apart of conventional modes
  • Advance modes e.g. PRVC, PRVC SIMV, MMV, APRV, BIPHASIC Etc.
  • Non Invasive ventilation with variety of modes and automatic leakage compensation
  • O2 Therapy – High Flow Oxygen Therapy for adult, pediatric and neonatal all patients.
  • Breathe by breathe data of lung mechanics C stat, C dyn, Ri, RSBI, RC exp, RC insp, PTP, P0.1 & PEEP intrinsic
  • Waveforms, Loops, Color Coded Priority Alarms, Maneuver for insp/exp hold, int. PEEP, P 0.1 etc.
  • Builtin Volume Compensated nebulizer
  • High Pressure & Low Flow Oxygen input


  • Briovent® is Dynamic – Simple, yet extensive
  • 4 hour internal battery back for emergency power outages and filed usages
  • Pressure sigh and Volume sigh for comfort of your patient
  • Active highly responsive metallic autoclavable exhalation valve
  • Dynamic safety valve
  • Dynamic setting limits of parameters
  • Intuitive user interface with easy navigation through different screens.
  • User selectable flow sensor position – Distal (Adult/pediatric) or Proximal (Adult, Pediatric, Neo)

Lung Recruitment Maneuver

  • Lung Recruitment Maneuver is an automatic maneuver, plotted loop can be used for assessment through 2 cursors, vital information can be assessed e.g. Inflection points, clossing pressure etc. Displyed basic parameters helps constant monitoring while maneuver.


  • Increase Lung Compliance
  • Reduced Intrapulmonary shunt
  • Improved Gas Exchange

Proportional Pressure Support

  • It provides dynamic Pressure Support on breathe by breathe basis based on Resistance & Compliance of patient.


  • Dynamic Pressure Support on breathe by breathe basis
  • Minimises asynchrony between ventilator & patient
  • Improves gas exchange
  • Decrease WOB of patient
  • Can be set along with Tube Compensation (TC)


  • Briovent® offers extensive modes in invasive and non invasive ventilation of neonatal patients e.g. PC AC, SIMV, PRVC, PRVC SIMV,MMV, CPAP, APRV, BIPHASIC …..O2 therapy (HFNC)
  • It’s precision low flow delivery makes it unique among many ventilators. It is excellent in monitoring tiny tidal volumes for small babies.
  • Dynamic safety valve makes briovent® a safer choice for neonatal patients. Doctor has control over maximum pressure by setting up high P peak limit. Dynamic safety valve of briovent® ensures pressure release above that point.