Life Line Biz, we create success by adding value to life…. we believe that milestones are achieved by listening. Hearing out collective viewpoints and learning from our communities, team members, partners, collaborators and every employee that inspires us to achieve our goals. We believe that ideas as a whole have the power to create a vision and that in turn translates into achievement.

With these values at the core of our business strategies, relationships are built and nurtured. Our management approach encourages collaboration and innovation to inspire and lead our diversifying operations

Business Orientation

Our business orientation is aligned with the Group’s philosophy, and aims to the most effective and efficient support of the needs of:

Our Customers

for designing fascinating collection
for developing excellent quality products
for increasing the efficiency of business operations
for operational flexibility and competitive positioning

Our Society
for sustainable development and progress based on a sound socioeconomic system
for prosperity and facilitation stemming from informed decisions

Our Team
for professional and personal growth
for learning and advancement
for equal opportunities

Group Companies:

Life Line Enterprises – working on distribution, consultation & service providing in biomedical equipments since 1997

K&K Implements Pvt. Ltd. – manufacturing hardware products since 1997, formerly known as K&K  Polytraders..